Some people never want to give up and call a pro

Every week I get at least one call from a customer that has already tried a hundred different ways to fix their HVAC unit. I tell all of my customers that they should not attempt to repair the heat pump or AC unit without a licensed or certified professional in the room. There are too many problems that can occur when an untrained person attempts to repair a machine that has so many different moving parts. Just last week I responded to a customer’s help request. The woman was attempting to fix a problem with a window AC unit. The window AC unit was quite large and expensive. It looked like it still would be under warranty. I checked on the make and the model and I looked at the year. I told the customer that the HVAC unit was still under warranty. I gave her the name and telephone number of the company. She still insisted that I repaired the problem. She didn’t care if the warranty gave her a free repair, because she wanted the problem fixed right away. She didn’t want to have to make a bunch of phone calls when I was already standing there with the ability to fix the problem. I did not argue with the customer. The repair wasn’t a big deal to be honest. It was a wiring issue that was easily fixed in 5 or 10 minutes. I still charged the lady a fee for the job, and I told her that her warranty was not avoided since she had someone repair the machine other than the company. She didn’t seem bothered by the information at all.


a/c repairman