Taking proper care of your HVAC system

There are several factors contributing to how efficiently your HVAC system can heat or cool your home.

In order to get the maximum amount of life out of your Heating and A/C system it is important to achieve the highest amount of air circulation with the lowest amount of effort.

One thing you can do instantly is to make sure there are no plants around your a/c unit. If there are too many leaves or twigs surrounding your unit, they can complicate the airflow to your system, making it work harder to cool your home. Another way to increase your and A/C efficiency is by using a smart thermostat. A smart thermostat is affixed to WIFI and can be controlled through an app on your cell phone, from the app, you can turn your oil furnace or a/c off when you aren’t home, and turn it back on shortly before you arrive again, this way, your system isn’t working for an empty house, thus saving you money on your energy bill. Another way to increase the efficiency of your Heating and A/C system is to frequently clean the vent covers. Over time, these covers can become jammed with dust and debris, making it harder for the air to circulate around your home. The single most important thing you can do for your HVAC system, however, is to make sure that regular inspection and maintenance is conducted! Having an Heating and A/C professional come to inspect your system several times a year is the best way to ensure that small problems can be fixed quickly, and don’t turn into bigger problems later. An HVAC professional will also be able to identify any areas that could be costing you more money on your energy bill.

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