The air conditioner broke down yet again on Tuesday

During the last summer I had all of my kids at condo even though they were regularly doing things on their own year after year.

It seemed as though the pandemic changed the dynamic of our family and that was something that I was not unhappy about.

In the past we weren’t spending any time together at all but now we had the opportunity to be a family. It was still an adjustment for all eight of the children to be here at home. My associate and I were getting a nice good close relationship built up with the kids and we were not terribly unhappy that they were back home again with us. The people I was with and myself had to make some provisions and changes. The old heating and AC unit would not keep up with all of these children and adults and their kids in the house. It was necessary to update to a different type of system. We decided to add a couple of ductless heating and AC units in the house. We got a quote from a place nearby that offers installation, repairs, and maintenance. The service technician was very nice and honest and did not try to tell us the service. When we finally made our choice, it was due to the fact that the system shut down and broke down again. On that Tuesday we had to make the choice to do something about the air conditioning system or our entire family was going to have heat stroke.

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