The best part about owning an oil furnace

When you wake up in the morning while I was in the middle of winter, what would you say is the worst part about getting up.

If you have difficult floors like I do, you would entirely agree that placing your bare feet on the cold, difficult floor is genuinely terrible.

It makes you completely uncomfortable when your feet are freezing cold. However, at our house, our preferred part about waking up is putting our feet on the floor. That is because our floor is not freezing cold. It is easily incredibly warm, when both of us were building our house, I decided that I didn’t want to purchase the respected gas furnace that all the people else was getting. Instead, I decided to install our oil furnace underneath our floorboards. I contacted the Heating & Air Conditioning professional that both of us had hired to help build our home, and both of us instructed him to install radiant heated flooring. This oil furnace works by sending steamed water through pipes installed underneath the floorboards. The heat radiates through the floorboards, heating the entire condo to the perfect temperature. The best part about radiant heated flooring is that it completely eliminates any drafty spots in your house. I even installed this oil furnace in the lavatory, meaning that I didn’t use tiled floors in the lavatory, however at first, I was worried that it would look funny, although I didn’t want any room in our condo to be cold, especially on our bare feet. Now, when I wake up, I can feel the heat rising through our toes, and it is wonderful. I am so thankful for radiant heated flooring.

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