The Brits Really Know how to Cook a Good Dinner

Last night I was at my friend’s house for dinner, and wow does he know how to cook. He told me that he learned how to cook from his dad. He said his father was a chef so his mother let the dad do all of the cooking. Last night we had Yorkshire pudding, roasted turkey, parsnips, candied carrots, stuffing, roasted potatoes, and an apple cobbler for dessert. It was so good that I am going to go back there again in a few days for New Years Eve dinner and a small party. They are like family to me. He has an amazing radiant heater in his flat that replaced the old central heater unit he had before. They keep the place nice and warm there, and it’s such a cozy feeling being around a family with little kids. He has all of the newest HVAC technology too, so it’s kind of cool when he shows me the unit and how it all works with its latest gadgets that they came up with. I thought that heating the house was all the same across the globe but he showed me differently. I guess he can afford the best quality heating and air in his house since he has his own successful marketing company, good for him! I like having friends like this because they inspire me to do more with my life. Great people help inspire others to be great. I think when I get the money together I will put a new whole home heating unit in my flat too.

a/c rep