The cost of heating was getting higher

More stuff skips my mind than I remember most of the time. I guess I am advancing in age. A lot of what I forget is stuff that ends up way down on my priority list. So, I’m still handling my own things, including the big stuff. Like there is no way in the world that I’d forget about getting heating repair done on my furnace. That’s out of the question. Getting the Heating and A/C business to inspect and repair the furnace prior to winter season is always on my to do list. Where I live, the weather is freezing in December, you would be foolish not to have the furnace inspected by a Heating and A/C professional every year. I not only make sure the Heating and A/C component is ready, I back that source of heating up with an extra source of heating. I’ve had a wood stove that was custom built for this home for ages. My initial plan was to have a wood stove in the event there was no power for an extended amount of time. But the longer I lived here and the more the heating cost rose, the more I used the wood stove. Now my winter season preparations begin in July with breaking, hauling, breaking and stacking a winter’s worth of wood. It’s great to have the supplementary heating as this lessens the load on the furnace and keeps my heating costs to a minimum. Plus, I sleep comfy at night knowing that no matter what, I’ll have heating in this house.

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