The enormous basement accommodates my mancave and my wife’s woman cave

I was really excited about our new home, especially the enormous size of the basement.

I honestly had never been in such a large basement in all my life, and now I own the place.

I decided to get to work right away starting off with a nice climate control system. Since the climate control system in the home was outdated, I decided to opt for something modern. I chose to go with a ductless mini split with multiple zones. I had a zone installed in all the different areas of the house and in different parts of the basement as well. My wife wanted to have her own section of the basement as well. She said if I was going to have a mancave, she was going to have a woman cave. I honestly didn’t have any issues with that, the basement is absolutely huge afterall. We both finished the basement up very nicely and the different zones are excellent down there too. We also have soundproofing in our respected areas so that we are bothered if the other is making a great deal of noise. Of course she’s allowed to come over to the mancave any time and vice versa, but it’s nice to have our own areas with customized climate control to retreat to. Sometimes you just need a small amount of space to recover and work through your stress. I mean let’s face it, life is hard, so we got to be able to enjoy good comfort and spend time hanging out with our family and friends too.

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