The furnace was making a strange hissing sound

My boss made me work in the storage room downstairs last weekend.

Everyone had a task to complete and I was in charge of organizing all the files in the basement.

While I was downstairs, I heard the furnace making a very strange hissing sound. I tried to ignore the sound, but it was getting louder. I also noticed that the temperature inside of the room was starting to get colder. I walked upstairs and alerted my boss about the furnace problem. The guy honestly thought I was trying to get out of organizing the files. I insisted there was an issue with the furnace. About an hour later, my boss came downstairs and asked me to describe the noise again. Apparently there wasn’t any heat upstairs now either and the boss finally started to believe that I actually heard a strange sound coming from the furnace. He wanted me to completely describe the noise so he could call the heating and air conditioning repair company to have them out to the property immediately. The repair company was extremely busy that day and on able to handle the problem. My boss had to wait until the next day and all of our cleaning and organizing had to wait. It was far too cold inside the building to handle the cold temperatures and we left to go home early. It took three days before the furnace could be repaired, because the hissing sound was an issue that needed a part from the main company office. The small valve was unique and the furnace was older.


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