The hike nearly made me pass out, but the ridge was beautiful

Every year during the summer months, my wife and I go to the mountains and spend a week or two hiking.

We love being outside in the fresh air with the birds and the animals.

We try to tackle a different hike each time we go to the park. Last summer we decided to hike on the ridge. The 12 mile hike is difficult in some parts and I wanted to give up and return to the bottom several times. It was extremely hot and very humid that day. The temperatures weren’t terrible near the base of the mountain, but out in the sun at the top of the ridge, the heat was absolutely insane. Thankfully, we brought plenty of water. We drank half of our water rations in the morning and we drank the other half in the afternoon. When we finally came down off the mountain, I was ready to turn on the air conditioner in the car. My wife searched all through her backpack for the keys, but he was unable to locate them. We both started to panic, believing we may have lost the keys somewhere on the trail. Then I remembered that the keys were in my backpack. Both of us chuckled and laughed out loud. We sat in the car with the air conditioner running for several minutes before we decided to drive away from the location. After the long hike and the moment of anxiety over the keys, both of us just wanted to sit for a couple of minutes and relax in the cool air.



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