The HVAC contractor shows up during birthday proposal

It was an extra hot Friday in July.

As I finished my workload at my desk, I felt lucky to be sitting in an air conditioned office.

I completed the last of my tasks and waited for my day to conclude. I appreciated the A/C blowing from the vents located overhead. There was a tap on my door, and a very sweaty delivery man asked me to sign for a package. I noticed he was in no rush to leave the air conditioned space. I opened the package and found a new dress. I knew that it was from my boyfriend, because he had included a note with reservations for dinner at our favorite restaurant that night. We had been dating for nearly five years and I was getting a bit impatient for him to propose marriage to me. I finished up my work stuff, left my air conditioned office and stepped outside into the heat. The humidity was especially brutal. I started up the A/C in my car and waited for the air to turn cool and dry my sweat. When I arrived at home, it felt as if the furnace was blasting. I adjusted the thermostat down, but this accomplished nothing. I knew I couldn’t head out for a date and neglect the problems with the A/C! I called an HVAC contractor right away. They promised to send an HVAC technicians as soon as one was available. I called my boyfriend and cancelled dinner because of waiting for the HVAC repairman. A short while later, there was a knock at my door. I discovered my boyfriend standing on the doorstep. He knelt down and offered up a ring! As he asked me to marry him, the HVAC contractor showed up. He got to watch the whole thing and then he congratulated us.

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