The lack of A/C at the bar put everyone in a bad mood

When my buddies invited me to come out to the bar, I didn’t think anything of it.

They wanted to shoot some pool and have some drinks.

When we got to the bar, we all were a little disappointed about the air quality and the lack of A/C in the venue. I think this got everybody’s nerves up in the bar too because when we were shooting pool, some others kept trying to start something with us. I was telling everybody to keep it cool until somebody said something that was entirely out of line. This prompted my buddies to take some swings at this other group of guys and we all got into a huge bar fight. We were even swinging our pool sticks at these guys and they were breaking glass and everything. The bar owner was yelling that he was going to call the cops. When the other guys just ran out of the bar and went on, we spoke to the bar owner and said we would pay for the damages. We loved going to this bar and we didn’t want to get into a fight, but these guys put us into that position. He thanked us for paying for all the damages including the broken glasses, pool sticks, and the sizable mess that had to be cleaned up. He said those guys were no longer allowed to come back to the venue, but we were welcome anytime. He said just to try to keep out of trouble. We said it probably wouldn’t be an issue so long as the climate control system was fixed and working good again. He apologized for that and said there would be an HVAC worker in the following day to handle that issue.



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