The lady followed me around and asked a ton of questions

I absolutely don’t mind answering a bunch of questions when customers want to know what is wrong with the heating or air conditioning unit.

They cost a lot of money to contact a heating and air conditioning service.

It makes sense that customers want to get as much information as possible for that money. Sometimes a customer will get in the way and it is difficult to tell them to leave me alone. I have to try to find a way to be nice, because I need the customer to pay for the repair when I am finished. It can be a very thin and tight rope to walk. Last month I was working on an air conditioner repair and the lady followed me around and asked a hundred different questions. She wanted me to explain every single part of the repair. Even when I walked out to my truck to grab some hoses, she wanted me to tell her the size of the hoses and the material that they were made from. At one point I kind of suggested that I would probably get things done much more quickly if I didn’t stop and talk so often. I thought that was a nice way to tell the woman that I needed to work faster. She didn’t have much to say and she didn’t catch my drift. It took me 3 hours to finish a repair that should have taken 30 or 40 minutes and I lost almost $200 that day because she wanted to talk the whole time. I could have taken another repair that day, but it was too late.

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