The night air feels great

We aren’t actually a family who finds a ton of value in amassing stuff.

The more than one of us find far more valuable all the memories & experiences both of us have created together.

Instead of large costly car, we’d rather own a nice automobile which suits our need. Then, take that savings to apply to simply residing this life. Same with our home, it’s pretty small because it’s just the more than one of us. However, our home is super comfortable & the Heating & A/C works just plus in some costly locale. The currency both of us save by residing a bit more simply goes toward our love for travel. We get out there to live the life that both of us care about following our dual passions. However, our travels unquestionably rarely include airports & airplanes. At first, both of us flew everywhere. But that was pre 9/11 so it was much more convenient. However, as the years went by, traveling by air just became such a hassle. Between all the extra time for security, the poor air conditioner & how cramped airplanes became, both of us provided up. Now, both of us just pile our stuff in the automobile to hit the road for adventure. Lately, both of us have even gotten away from riding the interstate so exclusively. Instead, both of us are traveling old state roads. It is charming. There is just so much more out there to see when you hit the back roads. We typically attempt to stop for the night at the motels with those large wall unit Heating & A/Cs. Those things are the best. You can hot up or cool down a room in a flash. It’s the little things in which both of us live.

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