The pandemic has completely disrupted many things

The pandemic has disrupted so many things, and for instance, the supply chain has not yet reclaimed from the 2 years of interruption, but we have seen so many delays in shipments, which has resulted in shelves in the stores being empty. Furthermore, I have noticed that our deliveries to our home are taking longer than they did before. This disruption is still trickling down and we see it more and more each morning. Another thing that was impacted by the pandemic is the way we conduct business. A lot of suppliers had to switch to remote work and many of those employees who worked from home fell in love with it. They enjoyed the system of being at home plus not having to go through that quarterly commute to work, then well, this left a lot of office spaces empty, and many of those employees are refusing to go back to work in the office, businesses are now forced to give up larger commercial offices and rent small office spaces instead. This means that there are a lot of commercial office spaces for rent right now on the market. Companies have now realized that they don’t require all the extra office area in order for their company to function efficiently! I think this is a win-win situation for both the companies plus for the employees. The companies will be saving money on overhead rental costs plus the employees will also be saving money on gas plus other expenses like lunches! Perhaps commercial office spaces will soon be a thing of the past. Only time will tell.


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