The repairman is a bit scared of animals

I was very sad that my sister wanted to relocate her job and move somewhere else and maybe that’s why I suppose that I am always worrying about her a little bit.

I thought that it could be fun so I decided to take a trip to see her and then I was easily impressed by the place that she had.

I really did not know that she was doing so very well getting all of these things done. There was a time that my sister was missing having people around and so she decided to get this German Shepherd and the animal was an appealing companion for my sister and I was easily playful for her that she was able to have something. I arrived on a day when my sister was having problems with the AC unit. There was an AC repairman and my sister wanted to make sure that a professional handled the problem just in case it was something that was a big deal. There are some problems and sometimes when people can be afraid of dogs and the repairman for the AC unit was very afraid. He insisted that my sister put the dog up and behind a door and that was of course the only command that my sister could do. She followed the request of the repairman and put the animal in a crate when he came into the house to service the system.

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