The repairman was outside for a tune-up

Oliver is a friend and neighbor and one of the first people that I met when I moved to the area when I knew no one. I was getting this job in a neighborhood that wasn’t really too far from this area and saw it as a pretty good place in which to live. The area was nice and also quiet and on one afternoon when I was moving and I passed a couple of people. This guy began to help me carry boxes into the house and then both of us were talking about different discussion points. One thing that we discussed was the vintage toy motor car collection that I have. My associate and I are really some of the only people that are residing in this area. There have been times when it was the night and I felt silly and all through the afternoon and more it has been something I think about. Then I saw that my friend was having some type of problem with the heating and ac. It absolutely seemed to be something important because there was an AC repair vehicle that was located outside of the building. My friend was helping me out with boxes and then all of us began to discuss the Vintage motor car collection. On that afternoon all of us were definitely fast friends. My associate and myself were the only single people that were in the area. We acquired a call from this person that was named Oliver and he was wanting to know if the heating man of the installation and AC repair vehicle was for me. I said I have a tune-up repair appointment that was already scheduled


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