There are power outages in the middle of a heat wave

The world has become an unpredictable place.

  • And with so much happening around us, it’s hard to keep up with everything.

I try to watch the news just to make sure that I stay up to date with the latest events. Now, I am regretting doing that. There are wars, murders, water crisis, inflation, recession, power outages, heat waves, wildfires, just to name a few. Yes, some of these do not directly impact my life, but it’s scary to see all of this unfolding all at once. One story that stood out was the power outages. Currently, there is a heat wave happening in certain parts of the country. And the power companies are having rolling blackouts due to the rise of energy costs as well as their inability to keep up with the demand. Of course, if there is a heat wave, more people will be using their air conditioners to remain comfortable in their homes. This means there will be more pressure placed on these power companies to maintain their grid. So, some residents will be subjected to these blackouts. It’s unfortunate because on one hand, we need the air conditioners to keep us cool, and on the other hand, running air conditioners can create more harm to the environment as well as to these power companies. I couldn’t imagine being in a heat wave with no air conditioner, and it especially would impact those who are the most vulnerable in our society. I hope that there is some relief soon and that the people in this state can go back to using their air conditioners without any hiccups.


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