Traveling wasn't much fun without AC in the car

My mom and I decided to take a road trip after I graduated from high school.

I was the last kid to graduate and the only child still living in the house.

When my mom said she wanted to drive all the way to the coast, I thought it sounded like an excellent way to spend a week. We hopped into the car and started driving. It was 1600 miles to the coast, but we took turns driving. Most of it was Interstate and the speed limit was 75 or 80 during most of the drive. Halfway into our trip, the AC in the car stopped working. I couldn’t believe our luck. My mom and I even had the air conditioner serviced before we left for the coast. We plan to stop at a dozen different locations on our way across the country, but traveling wasn’t much fun without AC in the car. My mom didn’t want to stop anywhere for a couple of days, but we planned to get the AC problem solved when we finally made it to the beach. I have to say that was one of the most miserable drives that I have ever taken. When we arrived at the beach, I was ready to find the car dealership. I was so happy when the mechanic fixed the AC. I did not want my mom and I to drive all the way back home without cool air. The desert temperatures were going to be at least 110 degrees during the day and driving at night was extremely boring with the same scenery hour after hour after hour.

a/c repairman