Twins and thermostat settings

I believe that twins share a connection, a bond, a mental link, that most people cannot comprehend.

I don’t have a twin, but my older sisters are twins, so I have been watching them my entire life.

It’s not that they are exactly the same, not at all, but they always know exactly where the other one is, and how they are feeling. It’s sort of creepy, and never so weird as it is now that I have one of them living with me. The other win is overseas for a few months, so Max is staying with me to combat her separation anxiety. One night I notice that the thermostat has been changed to under 60s degrees, which is a full twelve degrees colder than usual. I find Max on the couch watching TV, just sweating bullets for some reason, and ask why they turned the AC down so low. Max said she didn’t know, but she assumed that her twin was very hot, so she was trying to help by cooling herself down. I had to ask her to repeat it a couple of times before I understood that Max was running the AC because her twin was hot. All the way from Europe, these two still have a connection so strong that it translates into their thermostat settings! Instead of making a big deal out of it, I just let the air conditioner keep running and hope it helped the twins somehow. Thankfully that was not a regular occurrence, and usually Max was fine with the normal thermostat settings.

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