Two great reasons for high air quality

I have two very good reasons to worry about the quality of the air in my home.

The first is my wife, who has asthma and is very sensitive to allergens, dust, and pollen.

This has gotten worse as she got older, helped in no small part by her being a smoker for a few years before we met. The second reason is my comic collection, which is just as delicate as my wife, although not quite as valuable to be (I have to say that in case she reads this!). If I want to ensure a better quality of life for my wife and my comics, I need to ensure higher indoor air quality. Excess humidity, pollen, dust, and other particulate matter in the air, all of these things impact air quality, and the health and longevity of your possessions. Aside from the central HVAC system, which is four years old and gets inspected twice each year, I have several other tools of the trade. There are two dehumidifiers in the house, one of which is the comic book storage room, and the other is in our bedroom on my wife’s side of the bed. I also keep a free-standing air purifier in the front room, in between the kitchen and the hallway, to supplement the air filter in the central system. By working in concert with the HVAC system, these extra devices provide another layer of cleanliness to the air quality. With no moisture and total temperature control, I can help my wife’s health, and maintain the value of my comic books.

a/c professional