We have more air conditioning than squirrels

I have been sitting in my home trying to figure where the squirrels have been coming from. I looked all over and I can’t find anyplace where they can gain entrance to our garage. I know they are coming in through some hole, or a crack in the chimney or something, but I just can’t find it. I was trying to get air conditioning into the garage so I could work out there. I wanted to turn the garage into my pottery center., I didn’t want to have a lot of drafts and I wanted someplace where I wouldn’t be in the way of my family. My husband looked around, but he couldn’t find any cracks, but what he did find, surprised both of us. There was an air vent in the upper corner of the garage. It was facing toward the house, so we thought maybe we did have air conditioning installed, but we didn’t know how to access that AC. He thought it would be best to just call the HVAC company and ask them for their help. The next morning, I called the HVAC company and I had them come to the house the following day. He did some investigation and he found that the air vent did go to the air conditioning unit. Now, he only needed to figure out why we weren’t getting any AC coming from it. When he looked into the air vent, he found that it was jammed full with bedding from the squirrels. He cleaned the air vent out and he told us he wanted to clean the ductwork and sanitize it. By the time he was done and he had repaired the hole in the ductwork, I had air conditioning in the garage.



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