We’re never getting into the woods

I have actually been wanting to go camping for many months, but things just don’t seem to be actually working out entirely well for me or my family! First of all, the weather hasn’t actually been cooperating.

At first, the temperatures outdoors were just too tepid and our camper doesn’t have a built in a/c to enjoy.

But then when the weather finally started cooling down, I got sick and I didn’t believe I would enjoy going anywhere at all in those conditions. If you’re enjoy me, you don’t enjoy being outside or stuck in a tiny camper where you can’t actually control the temperature if you’re not feeling all that well. That’s the biggest reason I didn’t go even though the temperatures were cooling off and the beautiful fall weather started feeling fantastic outside. Now, though, I’m finally feeling better about the idea and I actually would enjoy to go camping. It’s perfect weather now for the trip. But you still kind of need an Heating and Air Conditioning plan in your family camper if you’re not planning to go tent camping. Tent camping is not our cup of tea in this house. I enjoy having more than a piece of canvas between me and the wild, personally. This weekend, I was going to start getting everything packed up quickly so that the two of us could finally go camping. But then I noticed that the camper heating plan wasn’t actually working, either. My partner tried to repair the heating in the camper so that maybe the two of us could go ahead and go, but nothing actually worked!

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