Why is it Always So Cold at the Hospital

Have you ever noticed that if you are at the hospital, or even at a doctor’s office, it is ice cold in there? I always bring a sweater or something with me unless it is just the dog days of summer.

At the hospital, nurses are forever asking people if they want a blanket.

Have you ever thought about what a waste of energy that is? I have. I have always wondered why they don’t just throw the thermostat up a few degrees and use less a/c instead of having to offer everyone a heated blanket? Wouldn’t that make more sense? I mean they use heating energy to warm the blankets and cooling energy to blast the a/c. What kind of sense does that make? The nurses and other workers are wearing sweaters in July in the ER. Finally, one day, I had enough of the silliness and I complained to a hospital administrator. I wrote them a letter telling them what I thought about their wasteful use of air conditioning that kept everyone in need of sweaters and blankets. Coincidentally, about a month later, my friend had an accident and I had to take her to the hospital emergency department. I walked in and could feel the instant blast of freezing a/c hit me right in the face. I was annoyed straightaway and figured the hospital just didn’t care about my thoughts at all. Then, when I was looking around with nothing to do while waiting on my friend, I saw several signs on the walls. They read, “Why is it so cold in here? We run the air conditioning and set the thermostat so low because it helps discourage the growth of bacteria and viruses.”

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