Working as a heat and a/c tech

As a kid, I wanted to become a pilot.

Or was it a nurse, or perhaps an engineer? Well, I think I was like many other small children trying to figure out the right job, however I remember once we opted to go to the zoo with my parents in a different state. A lady was attending to the animals that allowed me to touch a baby monkey, however we spoke for a little while, and I learned she was a zookeeper and studied zoology. That became my new thing until I was about 12. However, I started thinking through the best industry and job to follow in high school. This is when I finally opted to go to Heating and A/C school and become an Heating and A/C repair person, then my dad was a plumber, and my mom was a registered nurse, then between them, I learned alot about hard work and having the right path with some level of job security! None of them has ever been out of work. There’s always room to grow and improve in the industry, and that’s how they provided my sister and me a good life. I joined Heating and A/C school promptly after graduating high school to get my certification. I also got a part-time job at an Heating and A/C company my dad’s neighbor owned, but learning in school and getting real-world experience made it easy for me to begin working when I finished my Heating and A/C training. The Heating and A/C industry has multiple possibilities and a possibility even to advance one’s skills to become great. I care about finally working as an Heating and A/C repair person and plan to set up my own AC supplier in the future.


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