Working out in an overheated studio takes some getting used to

I am not sure how much I enjoyed the class

Yoga is very helpful in relieving stress and tensions. It also helps to increase flexibility, gain strength and improve balance. This type of workout has beneficial effects on the central nervous system. I am someone who prefers yoga in a cool, air conditioned space. I was not overly thrilled with the idea of hot yoga. This workout is performed in a deliberately overheated heated space. Sometimes the temperature is set at 100 degrees. When I took my first hot yoga class, I saw that there were a half dozen space heaters arranged around the perimeter of the studio. There were also overhead HVAC vents in the ceilings. I checked the thermostat and noted that the temperature in the room was already 90 degrees. I wondered at the high cost of energy bills. I wasn’t sure I wanted to participate in a workout in such a hot and clammy environment. I considered turning around and ducking out. I kind of wanted to get back into my air conditioned car and drive home. I set my thermostat very low for my workouts. The air conditioning helps me to push myself a bit further. However, the instructor intercepted me. She promised that I would find the heated studio to be beneficial to my state of mind and flexibility. Prior to starting the workout, the instructor raised the thermostat setting by several degrees. I was already dripping sweat and we hadn’t done anything strenuous yet. I could feel the heat from the vents blowing on me. During the first few poses, I felt a little lightheaded. I gradually grew accustomed to the high temperature. I was quickly dripping sweat all over the place, but I did feel extremely relaxed. I am not sure how much I enjoyed the class. When it was over, I was anxious to get back to the air conditioned reception area.

a/c worker