Would you Rather Have a Gas Furnace or a Wood Burning Stove?

My stepdad was the coolest guy in the world. He had so many friends and we had some of the biggest parties in our town when I was growing up. I need to reach out to him as I haven’t seen him in over two years now. He was one of the original beach bums on the island where we lived and taught me a lot about the sea. He was a sailor and we spent many days out on his sailboat, cruising the seas of the Gulf of Mexico. I cherish all of the sweet memories we made together. He had this old black wood burning furnace and I used to love watching him stoke the fire in it during the winters. There is something special and primitive about lighting a fire to heat the house. It’s much different nowadays with the simplicity of the electric furnace where you just touch the thermostat and the whole house is warm. I think I gravitate more towards the old methods for keeping the house warm as opposed to what we have now. There are even smart thermostats that can be controlled with wifi and you don’t even need to touch them anymore. It is very convenient but how much ease do we need in our lives? Seems like we are taking all of the fun out of life with technology. Isn’t it fun chopping wood to burn in your fireplace and watching the flames dance around as they heat your house? Maybe people don’t have time for things like that but I think it’s still fun to do.

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