You don’t want refrigerant poisoning

One particular issue that many people don’t think about too much is the possibility for refrigerant poisoning when you deal with a leak in your system, especially for ductless mini split installations with DIYers.

If you don’t follow the directions to a T, or you don’t flare your lines properly, you can get a refrigerant leak which isn’t pretty.

The lack of smell and taste from the refrigerant makes it hard to know if you have been affected by a leak. It’s not until you experience serious complications like wooziness, chemical burns, frostbite, or things like that when you know you have refrigerant poisoning. More serious issues would involve seizures, inability to breathe, and even throwing up blood. This would be a life-threatening level of severeness and it’s then when you absolutely must rush to the hospital. In any case if you suspect you have refrigerant poisoning, please get to the hospital as soon as possible! Now if you were careful with your ductless mini split installation and you tightened all the pipes correctly, you shouldn’t have any issues. You also must be sure to spray the lines with soapy water to make sure there is no leak at all. If you are leaking refrigerant, you will start to lose functionality in your HVAC system and if you keep running your system with low refrigerant, this can lead to much more serious issues. Also, even if everything is tightened correctly, if you fail to open up the refrigerant lines to allow all the refrigerant into the system, your compressor can become damaged if you run the system.

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