You must be careful when installing a ductless mini split

I would suggest using THHN wire that is 14 gauge along with a waterproof electric tubing

Something I want to discuss for all of those DIYers out there, you have to be careful when you choose to install a ductless mini split. Not only are there major risks if you are careless with the electrical part of the installation, but there are numerous other risks to be mindful of. For starters, let’s talk about drilling a hole or multiple holes to the outside of your home. You will be drilling through your wall a 3.5 inch hole which requires a hole saw. If you are drilling through wood, you simply need a hole saw designed for that purpose. These saws are generally cheaper than the more heavy duty ones. If you are drilling through brick, this will require a masonry hole saw. You will attach the hole saw to your hand drill and you must be extremely careful. You want to use technique so you don’t break your wrists or any of your fingers. I would suggest not putting your hand drill on the full power drill setting as that will easily mess up your wrists pretty bad! Put it on a medium setting and be very careful when drilling. You will need to also have a downward slope while drilling, so make sure to aim downwards very slightly for the condensate line to drain properly. Be super cautious with the electric part. I would suggest using THHN wire that is 14 gauge along with a waterproof electric tubing. You can use metal or plastic depending on your preference. You should grease the wires to get them through the tubing material and you typically need two hots and a ground, but check for your particular installation.
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